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Open Telemetry: Elevating Observability Across Platforms

OpenTelemetry is an Observability framework and toolkit designed to create and manage telemetry data such as traces, metrics, and logs. Unlike specific observability backends such as Jaeger or Prometheus, OpenTelemetry stands out as vendor-neutral and tool-agnostic, emphasizing seamless integration and efficient management of telemetry data across diverse platforms.


Flexible Instrumentation



Efficiency in Setup: Leverage auto-instrumentation capabilities to minimize setup time, streamlining the integration process across your platforms. 

Rakuten SixthSense observability integrations

Cost Control


Only Pay for What You Use: Manage the data you transmit with confidence, ensuring cost-efficiency by avoiding any unexpected surges in billing.

Performance analysis

Consistent Context Across Applications


Seamless Correlation: Achieve seamless correlation among various configurations while maintaining context integrity, ensuring data coherence and usability.

Application end-points

Security and Scalability 


Robust Infrastructure: Establish a single, integrated backend to centralize telemetry data from all sources, enhancing both security and scalability of your systems.

Advance alerts tagging

Key Benefits

Vendor Neutrality 


Tool Compatibility: Utilize preferred tools and formats across different teams to enhance integration and operational flexibility. 


Avoids Vendor Lock-in Freely switch observability backends to avoid dependence on any single vendor, maintaining flexibility in your tech stack. 

Data Agility 


Telemetry Control & Efficiency Manage telemetry data precisely, capturing only essential information to minimize processing and storage costs. 


Cost-Effective Data Management Streamline data handling to reduce unnecessary expenses, enhancing overall system efficiency. 

Cross-platform Compatibility 


Standardized Telemetry Practices OpenTelemetry simplifies support and eliminates the need for bespoke agents, promoting easier system integration and maintenance. 


Unified Data Collection Facilitate comprehensive data aggregation from diverse sources, boosting adaptability and coverage through a collective global effort.