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Digital Experience Monitoring

Rakuten SixthSense Digital Experience Monitoring enables you to reduce user dropouts, drive business conversions, and unlock the context necessary for high-impact performance. Ensure uninterrupted availability, seamless functionality, and rapid speed for all your systems.

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Accelerate consolidation and contextualization of critical user-behaviour insights and KPIs

Rakuten SixthSense Digital Experience Monitoring offers robust insights into user behaviour across the entire application ecosystem, empowering you with comprehensive context.

Watch session replays corresponding to detected errors and ensure accurate diagnosis of user issues.

Experience exceptional performance with monitoring tailored to enterprise-grade environments.

Comprehensive user journey analysis

Track user interactions end-to-end from landing on the homepage to making a purchase or leaving the site for complete context.
Analyse click stream data, full-session record and replays, and heat maps to quickly identify areas of drop-off and usability issues.
Gain a deep understanding of user navigation patterns, preferred features, and areas of interest to personalize offerings and enhance overall experience.
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Conversion funnel optimization

Unlock the potential of your conversion funnels through in-depth analysis of captured user actions.
Identify and address bottlenecks, friction points, and drop-off stages to streamline and optimize the user journey.
Drive higher conversions, reduce cart abandonment, and supercharge your bottom line.
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Conquer frontend performance challenges head-on

Concentrate on KPIs that truly matter and empower your applications with speed, responsiveness, and enhanced user satisfaction.
Monitor and record critical interactions like checkout, button clicks, taps, and more.
Track interactions from end-to-end for relevant and actionable user-insights.
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Uncover user issues with valuable insights

Watch, record and replay sessions linked to detected errors for deep visibility into user interactions.
Address user pain points proactively by identifying root causes of errors and gaining insights into their experiences.
Pinpoint exact moments where errors or issues occur and take actionable steps to enhance user satisfaction.
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