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Server Monitoring

Transform your infrastructure performance with Rakuten SixthSense Server Monitoring. Elevate availability, speed, and efficiency across all channels with real-time insights and proactive optimization.

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Streamline issue resolution through integrated infrastructure and application monitoring

Choose the deployment method that best suits your environment, whether it's agent-based or agentless, to seamlessly capture data from your infrastructure components without compromising on flexibility

Gain insights into metrics, business visualizations patterns and trends, and proactive alert capabilities.

Empower engineering teams to efficiently correlate infrastructure performance with application issues

Gain complete and unified visibility into infrastructure performance with seamless deployment, minimal maintenance and comprehensive coverage

Real-time visibility across your stack

Work smarter with advanced data collection methods and capture extensive metrics such as CPU utilization, memory usage, disk I/O, uptime availability, response time, performance counters, log files, and more.
Seamlessly integrate infrastructure components with third-party and open-source systems using API, ensuring easy interoperability.
Utilize customizable dashboards to monitor key metrics, system health, and resource utilization in real-time.
Dive deep into logs, events, and metrics to gain a detailed view of system behavior, troubleshoot issues, and uncover optimization.
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Intelligent alerting and correlation

Deploy intelligent alerting mechanisms, leverage threshold-based triggers and correlate with other application stacks
Receive immediate alerts through various channels, such as SNMP traps, email, or integration with incident management systems via webhooks.
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Data-driven decisions with SLIs and SLOs

Investigate the bottlenecks and optimize the application performance, uptime, page loads, database queries or server configuration.
Regularly analyze SLI and SLO data to identify trends, patterns, and areas for improvement.
Set up smart alerts to track and act on individual or group SLIs that deviate from target SLOs.
Review and refine SLIs and SLOs periodically based on user feedback, business requirements, and technological advancements.
Modify SLO targets if they are consistently met or exceeded, or adjust them if they are unrealistic or too easy to achieve.
Configure, Visualise and Act on application SLI, SLO and Error Budget that enables you to identify bottlenecks and performance gaps quickly.
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