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Drive Streaming, Boost Subscriptions & Keep Customers Tuning In

For the entertainment and media industry, delivering captivating content relies on efficiently managing interconnected capabilities like creation, distribution, and streaming. However, monitoring these components can be challenging due to their scattered presence across cloud environments and on-premises data centers. Moreover, complexities from microservices makes understanding omnichannel performance cumbersome, while pressures to deploy new features hinders timely troubleshooting. With 60% of viewers expecting no interruptions or delays while streaming*, organizations must uphold high digital performance standards to stay competitive. This necessitates urgent implementation of faster root cause analysis (RCA) across modern tech stacks, seamless end-point monitoring and comprehensive user journey insights.

Rakuten SixthSense provides a real-time and unified full-stack observability solution tailored to empower seamless content delivery, elevate viewer satisfaction and drive higher user conversions. With granular insights across viewer pathways and actionable alerts into performance inefficiencies, deliver superior digital experiences round-the-clock.

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Key Benefits

See into every device


From browsers to mobile, achieve unified and real-time visibility across your entire media distribution network and device ecosystem.


Effortlessly track key OTT streaming components including network performance, video quality and end-to-end viewer journeys.

Rakuten Sixthsense multi-device performance analysis

Superior digital experience monitoring


Obtain granular insights into digital experience with comprehensive analysis of user touchpoints, from the homepage and blockbuster movies to sports games and original content.


Maximize channel usage and optimize performance, ensuring exceptional viewer satisfaction and higher conversions.

Digital experience funnel

Stitch front-end to back-end performance


Proactively address app crashes and get swift RCA into errors using auto-correlation to seamlessly integrate front-end to back-end performance and reduce MTTR.

APM correlation

Smart alerting


Gain actionable and timely alerts that prioritize critical events, optimizing incident management and enhancing overall system reliability.

Configuring alerts