Rakuten announces launch of its enterprise grade data watchdog, Rakuten SixthSense Data Observability! Check out here

C-Suite: Enhancing Operational Efficiency with Strategic Decisions

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Need to ensure technology investments align with strategic objectives, maintain operational efficiency, and ensure data and system security.

How Rakuten Sixthsense Helps

Comprehensive Monitoring


Utilizes full-stack monitoring across applications, infrastructure, and cloud services to provide a holistic view of IT health and performance.

Cloud monitoring dashboard

Predictive Analytics


Leverages advanced forecasting and machine learning from Cognitive AIOPs to predict trends and optimize resource allocation.

Omnichannel visibility with Rakuten SixthSense

Enhanced Decision-Making


Offers powerful analytics tools that deliver actionable insights, helping leaders make informed decisions quickly and effectively.

Rakuten Sixthsense beta dashboard view.