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Revolutionizing Supply Chain Dynamics with AI Insights

In the fast-paced logistics and supply chain sector, the rise of e-commerce and demand for quick delivery have made operational agility and excellence essential. Companies are challenged to streamline complex networks and comply with extensive regulatory demands while staying ahead of the competition. Innovation, adaptation, and the use of advanced technology and analytics are crucial for efficiency and resilience against disruptions. 

Rakuten SixthSense boosts a system's ability to enhance performance and maintain business efficiency by monitoring supplier and partner metrics, such as response time and error rates, to ensure on-time delivery, thereby aiding in early delay detection. It utilizes predictive analytics, absorbing historical data, to forecast potential system defects and avoid cargo delays, while also considering current conditions and external factors. Additionally, it monitors KPIs to identify trends that could disrupt operations. 

Rakuten SixthSense provides businesses with AI-driven insights and data observability, enhancing decision-making, inventory accuracy, and resource allocation. This approach not only lowers costs but also increases customer satisfaction, positioning firms as industry leaders. 

 Beyond addressing current challenges, Rakuten SixthSense prepares companies for the future, proving to be an indispensable ally in navigating the complexities of today's logistics environment and promoting sustainable growth in a dynamic global market. 

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Key Benefits

Proactive Issue Resolution


In the logistics and supply chain industry, disruptions are not only common but also costly. Supply Chain Dive's survey reveals that the average cost of a supply chain disruption is $1.5 million per day, underscoring the significant financial impact.


Proactively resolve issues by identifying potential supply chain disruptions and bottlenecks in the systems before they escalate.  Correlate data across the entire system including IT, network, application, infra and security verticals. This comprehensive approach ensures smooth operations and mitigates risks in real-time.

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Mitigating Stock Shortages During Peak Seasons


Stock shortages during peak seasons pose significant challenges for logistics. Proactive monitoring and predictive analytics are crucial to avoid sales losses and customer dissatisfaction, necessitating reliable solutions.


Rakuten SixthSense’s Data Observability proactively identifies items at risk of running out of stock, leveraging data trends and predictive analytics. With its incident management capabilities, it ensures timely responses, maintaining resilient supply chains even during high-demand periods.

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Performance management for peak hours


Logistics systems strain during peak hours, risking bottlenecks in order processing. Interaction with third parties and system health are crucial for fulfillment. Any issues with performance limitations create distress in service levels and increase maintenance costs.


Cognitive AIOps with its seasonality-aware forecasting feature, leveraging past performance data to predict expected traffic Capacity planning by scaling infrastructure and resources based on insights, companies can maintain smooth operations and uphold customer satisfaction during peak periods.

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Optimizing Order Volume Forecasting in Logistics


Uncertainty in incoming order volumes complicates procurement and resource allocation, leading to overstocking or understocking. Analytics reveal this dilemma's financial impact and emphasize the necessity for precise forecasting tools in logistics operations.


Cognitive AIOps dynamic baselining forecasting feature analyzes historical data to provide estimations for incoming traffic on infrastructure. This proactive approach optimizes IT teams decisions and ensures logistics operations align with demand fluctuations, enhancing cost-effectiveness and operational efficiency.

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Enable Seamless Integration of Real-Time Supply Chain Data


Navigating the complexities of real-time data integration in logistics is a pressing challenge. With McKinsey citing significant gains - a 20% drop in inventory costs and 50% fewer stockouts from AI adoption, the drive for seamless data connectivity is more than a mere trend; it's a strategic imperative for modern supply chains.


Rakuten SixthSense's Data Observability addresses integration challenges with robust monitoring, anomaly detection, and data lineage. Leveraging advanced algorithms, it ensures the freshness and volume of incoming data streams, enabling informed decisions and enhancing customer satisfaction.

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