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Digitally Transforming Public Services for Tomorrow's Citizen 

In today's digital era, the expectation for seamless and secure government services is challenging agencies to seamlessly integrate innovative technologies with existing systems, enhancing efficiency and citizen satisfaction. This requires a detailed approach to managing data across government operations, ensuring personalized public interactions and efficient issue resolution.

The transformation urges the dismantling of silos and promotes collaboration across departments to quicken problem-solving and bolster security against digital threats. Predictive analytics is pivotal in anticipating community needs and optimizing resource allocation, thus eliminating inefficiencies. This proactive approach, supported by AI for ensuring data quality and reliability, underpins all initiatives from continuous service delivery to effective management of public welfare and disaster response, ensuring timeliness and effectiveness.

As governments evolve to meet digital challenges, the emphasis is on developing a resilient, adaptable, and transparent framework that supports citizens throughout their digital journey, transforming government services from basic necessities into foundational supports. Navigating this digital shift focuses on creating a robust, flexible, and clear framework, positioning government services as essential pillars for every citizen in the digital age, ready to address both present needs and future challenges.

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Key Benefits

Government Digital Security Against Cyber Threats


Government entities prioritize digital security to safeguard sensitive data and ensure uninterrupted service delivery. Robust security measures, including encryption and access controls, are essential for maintaining public trust. Proactive risk management strengthens resilience against evolving cyber threats.


Cognitive AIOps continuously monitors network and system activity, identifying patterns during security breaches. By learning typical behaviors, it quickly pinpoints deviations, minimizing response time and mitigating breaches.

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Real-Time Application Health for Government Services


Delayed responses and high error rates in digital services can erode public trust and impede civic engagement. With nearly 30% of major public outages lasting more than 24 hours, continuous, real-time analytics of these performance metrics are essential to ensure reliable and efficient services.


Rakuten SixthSense Application Observability continuously monitors the health of citizen-facing applications, tracking response times, error rates, and throughput to proactively manage performance and enhance service reliability.

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Accurate Auditing of Government Records Used for Public Welfare Schemes


The success of public welfare schemes hinges on precise and accurate record-keeping. Errors or inconsistencies in government records can lead to inefficient distribution of resources, impacting millions who rely on these schemes. Manual auditing is time-consuming and susceptible to human error, making it challenging to ensure the effectiveness of schemes like PMAY and NREGA.


Leveraging advanced algorithms for anomaly detection and root cause analysis, the Rakuten SixthSense's Data Observability platform can identify and resolve inaccuracies in records in real time. This facilitates the continuous verification of records against eligibility criteria, ensuring that welfare benefits are distributed fairly and efficiently

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