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Browser Monitoring

Ensure a flawless digital journey for your customers with Rakuten SixthSense Browser Monitoring, leveraging proactive error detection to minimize disruptions and maximize satisfaction.

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Achieve simplicity and speed in real-user metric tracking and site performance

Deep dive into user interactions and uncover valuable insights into how your web application performs across different browsers and devices.

Optimize workflows based on real-time data insights, ensuring resource efficiency and exceptional user experiences.

Seamlessly correlate and resolve performance issues from the browser to application level in real-time.

Drive browser performance

Proactively detect and resolve bottlenecks such as heavy resource usage, slow script execution and excessive network requests.
Rapidly address compatibility issues across different browser versions, ensuring a seamless experience for all visitors.
Debug JavaScript errors to enhance stability and optimize website functionality.
Monitor DomCrust, FirstPaint, and SLO/SLA metrics to maintain high-performance standards and satisfy user expectations.
application error rates & load time analysis over different geographies

Track error rates and deployment impact

Correlate browser errors with APM for faster RCA.
Monitor error rates, occurrence and frequency to analyse impact on new deployments.
Identify spikes in error rates after making changes.
summary of captured errors with statistics

Enable speed optimization

Continuously monitor page load times, server response times, and transaction speeds.
Identify and optimize performance bottlenecks such as large image sizes or slow third-party integrations to improve website speed and reduce bounce rates.
Enhance user experience by ensuring optimal website performance and responsiveness.
Compare metrics to quickly identify under performing pages and benchmark your web vitals against industry standards.
breadcrumbs data anlyzed in detail