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API Security

Rakuten’s API Security provides a holistic approach to monitoring and securing your APIs. By enabling real-time observation, threat detection, and ensuring compliance with security standards, Rakuten’s API Security helps you safeguard your APIs from vulnerabilities and maintain high performance and reliability. Empower your organization to protect digital assets intelligently.

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Secure, Monitor, and Optimize Your
APIs with Ease

Ensure traffic collection with negligible latency

Seamlessly deploy Rakuten's API Security without traffic mirroring or in-app agent installations. Ensure asynchronous and non-blocking traffic collection with negligible latency (< 1%).

Gain quick and meaningful insights

Gain quick and meaningful insights into essential API metrics, such as zombie APIs, vulnerable endpoints, and publicly exposed microservices.

Simplify vulnerability prioritization

Simplify vulnerability prioritization for engineers and security experts with risk scores that consider business context and the probability of exploitation.

Maintain up-to-date API inventory

Maintain an up-to-date inventory of all API endpoints, hosts, and domains. Focus on true exploitability and streamline security processes without disrupting developer productivity.


Enables Real-Time Vulnerability Management

Analyze endpoints at runtime for security vulnerabilities and prioritize fixes based on business impact and exploitation probability.
Fix vulnerabilities faster with remediation or virtual patches, reducing MTTR and total costs.
Help business users focus on the most impactful vulnerable endpoints.
API discovery summary dashboard

Discover APIs Automatically with Up-to-Date Cataloging

Generate a current inventory of all API endpoints, hosts, and domains, simplifying the discovery of zombie and non-conforming APIs.
Automatically document all APIs based on runtime traffic, stored in OpenAPI format and downloadable.
API inventory dashboard showing api hosts & end points

Support for Continuous Sensitive Data Flow Monitoring

Keep track of all sensitive data flows within your environment, from one service to another, and even to third parties.
Our solution ensures continuous visibility, aiding compliance and privacy management.
API end points dashboard

Efficient Security Testing and Validation for APIs

Automate security testing for your APIs against all possible attack scenarios. Include custom payloads for business-contextualized security validation.
Detect vulnerabilities early and continuously, preventing potential exploits and maintaining robust security.
API end points by risk score