Rakuten announces launch of its enterprise grade data watchdog, Rakuten SixthSense Data Observability! Check out here

Cloud Monitoring

Optimize your dynamic multi-cloud infrastructure with Rakuten SixthSense Cloud Monitoring. Ensure high availability, efficient resource utilization, and real-time insights to prevent business disruptions.

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Seamlessly optimize multi-cloud performance with deep visibility across enterprise-grade environments

Gain deep visibility across complex multi-cloud environments

Seamlessly monitor and manage cloud resources, optimizing performance and efficiency throughout your entire infrastructure

Experience exceptional performance with monitoring tailored to enterprise-grade environments

Centralized monitoring and management

Consolidate resources and monitor nodes, pods and containers from different providers with a unified interface.
Simplify tasks, eliminate complexities, and maintain a comprehensive view of your multi-cloud ecosystem.
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Real-Time Performance Analysis

Monitor and track critical metrics including CPU utilization, memory usage, network throughput, disk I/O, and application response times 24x7.
Proactively detect errors and threats to empower application agility.
CPU limit utilization

Comprehensive Resource Utilization Insights

Analyze usage patterns, identify underutilized or over provisioned resources and fine-tune allocation strategies across multi-clouds.
Volume & memory utilization