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Deliver personalized banking experience with Rakuten SixthSense

In the hyper-competitive banking industry, meeting and exceeding customer demands is vital for business growth. Digital-first banks enjoy a significant advantage, 2.5x more likely to retain their customer base*. The combination of modern distributed architectures and existing legacy systems poses a challenge for banks in dealing with critical application outages and correlating metrics as per customer expectations. This complexity is further compounded by mass data ingested from diverse IT infrastructure including multiple banking systems, mobile apps and transaction platforms. As a result, banking success depends on proactively tackling IT issues and avoiding critical service disruptions that risk customer dissatisfaction and compliance breaches.

Rakuten SixthSense provides comprehensive full-stack observability, enabling you to optimize every user experience in real-time. Deliver seamless digital interactions that leave a lasting impact on customers. Modernize and scale operations, accelerate software delivery and secure your digital banking experiences.

Women doing an online transaction

Key Benefits

Uninterrupted service delivery


Leverage true distributed tracing to proactively address potential issues before they escalate, minimizing service disruptions and MTTR.


Correlate from front-end to back-end across applications and infrastructure in a single platform to deliver superior user-experiences.

SLO Dashboard

Advanced log monitoring for modern to legacy correlation


Rakuten SixthSense is the exclusive provider of capabilities to comprehend and correlate ATM-generated logs, providing unparalleled insights into banking operations.


Ensure seamless omnichannel performance by identifying potential issues before they impact customer experience.

Advance log monitoring

Breaks down team silos


Promote a unified understanding of system performance with precise insights, fostering cross-departmental collaboration and higher productivity.

Anomaly trace view

Precise predictive analytics


Gain from rapid anomaly detection and digital experience insights to identify customer critical components with ease and optimize interactions in real-time.

Predictive analysis