Rakuten announces launch of its enterprise grade data watchdog, Rakuten SixthSense Data Observability! Check out here

Log Monitoring

Rakuten SixthSense Log Monitoring is built to scale with your growing log volume. Enjoy fast and reliable log analysis without compromising performance, allowing you to proactively manage system health regardless of its size.

ssw complexity graph

Consolidate, centralize and enhance logs in a unified platform

Streamline your troubleshooting process with modern, comprehensive log analysis designed for ingestion at scale.

Instant log exploration and pattern detection to resolve potential disruptions with ease.

Keep your costs under control without compromising on scalability and plan your budget with confidence.

Easily examine logs using pre-built interactive dashboards and user-friendly visualizations

Lightning-fast aggregation and co-relation

Manage and direct all logs for seamless co-relation in a single, integrated pane.
Transition from logs to corresponding APM traces for comprehensive context.
Enable superior co-relation and aggregation with SQL auto-suggestions.
log trace

Real-time visibility across volume

Collect, process, and store your logs cost-effectively.
Ingest any text-based data from various sources including popular open-source tools.
Optimize ingested logs with custom reference data for actionable insights.
query analysis using field and tag

Configure Grok patterns for improved performance

Customise Grok patterns efficiently to match log lines that follow a particular format or structure.
Define patterns for specific log components such as TraceID, Exceptions or transaction IDs for relevant data insights.
Effectively manage custom log formats and application-specific logs.
Grok pattern creation

Simplified multi-line stitching

Advanced monitoring and analysis of log entries to eliminate noise and extract the most relevant data from complex multi-line logs.
Running SQL queries on the dashboard

Seamless integration and setup

Effortlessly navigate from dashboards to associated logs for faster troubleshooting.
Simplify your log analysis process by creating custom queries, alerts, and dashboards for deeper insights.
Simple set-up process for hassle-free integration into your existing infrastructure.
Setting up logs