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In today's global market paradigm, the demand for digital solutions is on the rise, but so is its complexity. The rapid proliferation of microservices, cloud platforms and diverse applications leads to overwhelming data flows, leaving organizations without a complete view of their operations. As a result, enterprises today are challenged with costly service disruptions and performance bottlenecks that directly impact user experience and bottom-line growth.

In this context, critical concerns include

Escalating costs

Scaling up for higher workloads and data storage is an upward expense.

Diminished visibility

Fragmented visibility prevents early detection and troubleshooting.

Heightened risk

System complexity exposes vulnerabilities to threats and breaches.


of organizations experience critical delays or failures due to data silos*


of businesses report challenges in managing hybrid IT environments.*


of the increase in IT costs is attributed to tool sprawl*


of enterprises consider their data poorly integrated, making it difficult to share insights across teams.*


Rakuten SixthSense provides sophisticated and unified full-stack observability empowering businesses to maximise application performance and effortlessly troubleshoot. The platform delivers holistic end-to-end visibility across applications and infrastructure for round-the-clock reliability and speed. Our monitoring solutions are customizable, catering to organizations across sizes, sectors and continents.

Key capabilities

Full-Stack Observability for
unmatched insights

Gain real-time insights into every application and infrastructure layer, from front-end interactions and back-end dependencies to modern and legacy stacks.

Flexible deployment

We understand that every business has unique requirements, which is why we offer both SaaS and On-Premises deployment options. Choose the setup that perfectly aligns with your preferences and needs.

Actionable alerts for
swift response

Proactively address errors before they impact operations with smart alerting based on criticality and precision.

Effortless data

Simplify your data integration process with seamless ingestion and easily analyse metrics from multiple sources.

Scalable multi-tenant

No matter the size of your enterprise, our platform can adapt to your specific needs, supporting expansion without compromising on performance.

Streamlined Single
Sign-On (SSO)

Ensure secure access for your teams with streamlined Single Sign-On (SSO) functionality. Simplify user management and enhance data protection, all while improving overall user experience.

Compliance you can trust

Our platform is SOC 2 compliant, meeting rigorous security and privacy standards to ensure your safety is always prioritised.