Say Goodbye to Reactive Problem Solving

At Rakuten SixthSense, we understand your unique difficulties when it comes to navigating today’s complex microservice and cloud-first reality. That’s why we developed Full-Stack Observability!

Whether you’re in DevOps, IT Operations, Site Reliability or QA, our solution delivers comprehensive real-time visibility into the performance of your applications

Rakuten SixthSense Core APM

Reduce operational costs by 40%

Pre-emptively detect anomalies

Empower CI/CD

Bring solutions closer to developers

Comprehensive, unified visibility across environments

Step into the Future of Application Monitoring

Developed for engineers by engineers, Rakuten SixthSense APM ensures that you no longer have to deal with finger-pointing between teams or scrambling to fix issues. Sit back and enjoy smooth sailing for your apps.

Key Features

Accelerate Your Testing, Optimize Your Stack

Rakuten SixthSense TAP (Test Acceleration Platform)   delivers speedy, no-code and accurate testing , so you can  launch new features with maximum assurance 

Rakuten SixthSense TAP

Accelerate your testing process by 10x

Eliminate false-positives & enjoy 98% test accuracy

AI&ML powered automation with rapid RCA & pre-emptive anomaly detection

Integrate seamlessly with a wide range of popular tools and technologies

Customer Success Stories

Rakuten SixthSense places engineers at the core of business growth and profitability

Launched in 2021, we are at the forefront of developing agile and transparent APM so every business can scale with ease and efficiency.

Re-imagining how software runs by enabling industry-wide revolutions, from reacting to web-scale challenges to proactively solving for them 

Empowering organizations with pre-emptive management of digital assets and addressing potential concerns before they become critical, resulting in unparalleled reliability and scalability of business value

Why Rakuten SixthSense?

Legacy Innovators

We harness expertise from Japan-based Rakuten Group — the world’s third largest e-commerce platform with 70+ businesses globally, 1 billion users, and 26 years of pioneering innovation.

Committed Team

Our dedicated engineers and hard-working team are here to support your needs, anytime and anywhere.


Guided by Rakuten Group’s global vision, our approach is purpose-first and not profit-first.

Joint-Success Planning

Your goals are our goals. We extensively collaborate with customers to establish comprehensive, mutually developed milestones for maximum alignment.

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