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Synthetic Monitoring

Elevate your digital performance with Rakuten SixthSense Synthetic Monitoring. By simulating user interactions and proactively anticipating disruptions, we enable you to deliver an exceptional user experience and protect your business reputation with unparalleled precision.

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Anticipate and address real-user errors with advanced simulations

Gain actionable digital experience insights 24/7, even during off-peak hours and without solely relying on real users

Master SLAs and SLOs by tracking key service levels and metrics to assure optimal performance and reliability

Monitor critical user journeys across browser, synthetic, and real user monitoring and dive deep into business transaction performance for enhanced availability and uptime.

Stay ahead with proactive endpoint monitoring using API tests

Ensure Validation of System Layers (HTTP, SSL, DNS, WebSocket, TCP, UDP, ICMP, and gRPC) across Locations.
Gain Insights with Network Timing Breakdowns for Swift Root Cause Analysis.
Validate End-to-End Workflows through Stitched HTTP Requests and API Calls in Multi step API Tests.
Address problems such as slow page load times, broken links, server errors, or downtime, minimizing negative impacts on user experience and business reputation.
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Accelerate time to resolution with comprehensive full-stack visibility

Gain comprehensive context for troubleshooting failed test runs with correlated metrics, traces, and logs all available in one platform.
Visualize application uptime data alongside critical business metrics for enhanced performance analysis.
dashboard shopwing application vailability,downtime & average response rate

Proactive performance optimization

Identify slow load times, broken links, or poor transaction experiences to optimize your website or application for a seamless and lightning-fast user journey.
Fine-tune digital assets by monitoring key metrics such as page load speeds, transaction success rates, and error rates to deliver frictionless user-experience.
Streamlining your process and enable quick root cause identification.
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Availability and uptime monitoring

Continuous synthetic monitoring ensures your website is always available and accessible to users.
Simulate transactions from various geographical locations and network conditions to detect potential downtime, server errors, or service disruptions, taking immediate remedial actions to minimize downtime and maximize availability.
Assess website performance and user experience variations across regions, optimize content delivery networks (CDNs), and ensure consistent performance for global audiences.
application uptime monitoring