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Maximize Hybrid Cloud Efficiency with Rakuten SixthSense

Confronting complexity in hybrid cloud monitoring

Navigating multicloud environments: Managing diverse cloud platforms and on-premises data centers is challenging due to scattered data and limited visibility.

Inefficient troubleshooting: Time-consuming RCA and anomaly detection impacts system reliability and user experience.

Data silos: Existing tools struggle to consolidate data from different cloud environments leading to fragmented insights.

Rakuten SixthSense provides seamless digital experiences through unified and comprehensive full-stack observability across hybrid cloud environments. Effortlessly integrate metrics, traces, logs and network data from diverse cloud and on-premises sources for a holistic view of your systems. Our platform automatically scales to adapt to new cloud instances or containers, ensuring instant data capture and analysis without ever missing critical information.

Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure

Key Benefits

Seamless unification


Unifying monitoring by seamlessly integrating with Azure, CloudWatch and other popular platforms for complete visibility into multi-cloud environments.


Foster collaboration among teams with a comprehensive operational view to streamline ITOps processes.

Rakuten SixthSense observability integrations

Compare & optimize application performance


Track platform behavior, compare workloads and trace individual requests across environments for improved resource efficiency.

Performance analysis

Efficient troubleshooting


Gain from real-time insights and holistic data correlation for rapid RCA into errors, minimizing downtime and ensuring uninterrupted service delivery.

Application end-points

Effortless log monitoring


Leverage advanced log monitoring for seamless traceability and fault-finding, ensuring reduced MTTR.

Advance alerts tagging