Rakuten announces launch of its enterprise grade data watchdog, Rakuten SixthSense Data Observability! Check out here

DevOps: Achieving Seamless Performance through Efficient Resource Management

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DevOps and IT Operations Managers need to ensure seamless application performance and manage IT resources effectively while maintaining system health across various environments.

How Rakuten Sixthsense Helps

Application Performance Monitoring


Provides comprehensive insights into application behavior to proactively manage and optimize performance throughout the development and operational lifecycle.

Cloud monitoring dashboard

Resource Optimization


Employs advanced predictive analytics to optimize resource allocation efficiently, reducing costs and ensuring infrastructure readiness to meet demand.

Omnichannel visibility with Rakuten SixthSense

Operational Efficiency


Enhances operational workflows with advanced monitoring tools that streamline operations, speed up problem resolution, and foster an agile operational environment.

Rakuten Sixthsense beta dashboard view.