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Pre-emptive Observability:
The Key to MSME Success in
the Digital Age

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Naveen Oli

February 13, 2023

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In today’s fast-paced world, businesses of all sizes must quickly adapt to new challenges, changing customer preferences, and volatile market conditions. Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) are especially vulnerable in the digital age, but they also have the most to gain from embracing new technologies.

One such tool is full-stack #observability, a proactive approach to monitoring and managing the performance, stability, and availability of your business applications. While investing in AI or software solutions doesn’t seem like a priority investment, especially during a recession, observability is critical as it is designed to deliver high-cost savings. With the monitoring and observability market set to grow at 65% CAGR and global SaaS adoption at over 90%, applying observability to pre-empt digital disruptions enables companies to save resources while outperforming the competition. The fundamental advantages of pre-emptive observability for MSMEs include:

Unparalleled Efficiency and Productivity

Pre-emptive observability can help MSMEs identify and resolve issues prior to reaching customers, thereby improving efficiency and productivity. By monitoring the behavior and reliability of applications in real-time, MSMEs can quickly address issues before they cause downtime or negatively impact end-user experience. This helps save time and funds while enabling teams to bring new value propositions to international markets at record speed. At Rakuten SixthSense, our observability solution has consistently enabled businesses to focus on continuous innovation instead of solving routine issues, empowering global teams with application excellence.

Reduces Costs while Increasing Revenue

Downtime can be a major cost for MSMEs, leading to lost revenue and a damaged reputation, especially for MSMEs that rely on e-commerce or other online sales channels. By using observability and advanced predictive analytics, IT teams can successfully eliminate false positives and recognize anomalies earlier in development and closer to developers, significantly eliminating the risk of financial loss and bottom-line impact. For example, Rakuten SixthSense Full-Stack Observability reduces operational costs by over 40% going beyond the visibility of traditional logs, metrics, and traces.

Enhanced Customer Experiences

Pre-emptive observability ensures stability and availability of applications, allowing MSMEs to provide seamless digital experiences to clients. With a highly satisfied consumer base, MSMEs can develop long-term relationships that increase brand loyalty and recall. Ultimately, applying observability to mitigate the negative impacts of technology promotes a positive reputation and widens the scope for customer acquisition opportunities.

Master Agility and Adaptability

Finally, pre-emptive observability supports MSMEs by increasing their dynamism and flexibility to respond to uncertainties or black-swan events in the business environment. By providing real time, deep-dive, and root-cause analysis into your digital systems, MSMEs can not only quickly address shifting customer expectations but can make informed decisions on how to best allocate resources.

Pre-emptive observability is the ultimate software solution as it arms MSMEs with the capabilities to recognize potential concern areas before they become critical. As the digital landscape continues its mass acceleration, MSMEs that embrace pre-emptive observability will be well-positioned to stay ahead of the competition and succeed in the long term.