Rakuten SixthSense Application Performance Monitoring (APM) provides full-stack monitoring and observability across cloud native landscapes, right from coding to end-user experience. Enable your team to not only rapidly detect and troubleshoot disruptions, but proactively solve anomalies before they occur. With Rakuten SixthSense Observability, eliminate false positives and filter out unnecessary data to tackle what’s critical.

Key Features

Comprehensive unified end-to-end visibility of every stack

  • Dissect complex infrastructure with ease using deep visibility and analytics to understand application health and behavior
  • With speedy instrumentation, deploy at scale across on-premises, hybrid, IoT, or multi-cloud environments
  • We support multiple integrations to rapidly pinpoint performance bottlenecks and resolve issues before they hurt

Business precision

  • Prioritize what’s most important so you can see, share, and act in real time
  • End-to-end distributed tracing from browser and apps to databases and code
  • Seamless correlation of distributed tracing, enabling you to monitor dependencies and health metrics
  • Eradicate errors for the optimal end-user experience

Granular root cause analysis

  • Code-level insights with in-depth analytics and reporting
  • Identify trends and take data-driven decisions to enhance applications for maximum speed and efficiency 
  • Defeat performance regressions by eliminating inefficient code and reducing service latency

Rapid troubleshooting and incident management

  • Leverage neurosymbolic models, AI & ML for faster correlations, intelligent alerting, and MTTR with contextual tracing from anomaly detection to troubleshooting
  • Go beyond the MELT framework to understand how your cloud impacts distributed workloaded systems and applications

User-friendly interface and customizable dashboards

  • Easily visualize and interpret relevant data
  • Simple and convenient platform to communicate findings and insights 

Shift-left for robust CI/CD

  • Comprehensive synthetic monitoring allows for early issue detection and remediation, closer to developers and earlier in the SDLC 
  • Identify regressions, minimize downtime and organize interdepartmental collaboration during code production by reducing requirement of multiple teams for different scenarios

Transform Application Management into Revenue with Rakuten SixthSense APM and Observability

Increased operational efficiency

Reduced costs

Speedy GTM

No silos between teams

Left-shift for CI/CD

More innovation, more profits

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